An Over Due Update


It has been an exciting month for us at Local Roots. Social Media has played a big role in our business, we are always surprised when we get inquiries about our flowers from people we have never met. This past Friday we supplied flowers for our very first wedding, it was a fun and slightly stressful experience. We were so humbled when a Bride all the way from Salt Lake City contacted us to buy our flowers for her special day.We picked more flowers than we ever have before. They were stunning! We will be posting pictures of the event soon.

Ever since we started this adventure we have wanted to supply flowers for a wedding, but we were hesitant because we still feel so new at all this. It turned out to be a great experience that we wished we had done months ago. We think we will be able to offer a really special and personal wedding flower experience for Brides in the future. Starting next spring we plan to invite the Bride and whomever she would like to our farm to see what we have to offer. We think it will be a great experience for someone to bring along their closest friends/ family and tour our farm and hand pick the flowers for their special day. If you are interested in flowers from our farm for your wedding, check out our wedding tab and send us an email at


We had another ‘first’ this week. For the first time we had to turn someone down who wanted our flowers. We simply did not have enough flowers to meet demand.  We are very thankful for the support and success we have experienced this year and while selling out of product is a good problem to have, we are sad that we could not supply someone who wanted to support us. We are expanding as fast as we can, but it is a difficult business to grow over night. New ground has to be cleared, compost and fertilizer has to be applied, tilling has to be done, irrigation tubing has to be bought and installed, and landscaping fabric has to be laid before a single seed can be planted. Seeds, bare-roots, bulbs and tubers have to be bought and planted many months sometimes even a full year in advance. We are constantly planning and researching what to grow, how much to grow, and how to grow it.


We are also really excited to break ground on our new hoop house! Our hoop house will allow us to extend our growing season. We will be planting ranunuculus, anemones, icelandic poppies, and delphinium in our hoop house hopefully by the end of October. They will slowly grow all winter forming a strong root system, and in the early spring should produce masses of blooms. (#fingerscrossed) We ordered the ranunculus and anemones from a large wholesaler in spring of this year. The roots look like ugly little alien creatures, but the flowers they produce are pretty amazing…

anemone-290340_1280This is an Anemone.

ranunculus-asiaticus-252768_1280 These are Ranunculus.

Thanks for reading,

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