Fall News Update


Fall seems to be coming faster than we would like at Local Roots. It is the sign of the end of summer and the end of flower season here in Utah. We are getting a little nervous for the first frost of the year which will end our season, it usually happens around October 1st. We grow with the seasons and are at the mercy of Mother Nature. However, we are already busy preparing for next year. We have to till up the new fields and add lots of compost and manure, we have planted lots of hardy annuals that will hopefully survive the winter and bloom early next spring, and we have a hoop-house to build and fill with ranunculus, anemone, and icelandic poppies for next spring. We are excited for all of the new flowers that we will be offering next year!


One good thing about fall is the refreshing change in style that our flowers take. Out with the snapdragons and sweet peas and in with the sunflowers and amaranthus. It is always exciting to go into the garden and have something totally new to work with and sell, the sunflowers are blooming like crazy. We have started to dry some of our surplus flowers for fall wreaths. We didn’t plan on making wreaths when we started this adventure, but it seems like a good fit. We have made a few wreaths already, so stay tuned for more info.

20150810_194242 (1)

We have really enjoyed using all of these amazing dahlias in our designs, and the florists seem to like them as well. They don’t have the longest vase life, but they make up for it with their variety and uniqueness. There are literally thousands of varieties of dahlias, and more are created every year.

20150824_091056 20150824_091103IMG_20150816_193031   20150827_16034220150827_130103

One of our favorite parts of this adventure so far is making all of the bouquets for the retirement homes in Nephi. Every Monday we pick tons of fresh flowers and deliver them to Heritage Hills, Laurel Grove, and Red Cliff Assisted Living. The residents and employees are always so kind and tell us how much they love having the flowers around.


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