Dahlia Season

It is finally dahlia season in our neck of the woods. I feel like we have been waiting forever for these plants to bloom. I thought I would write a quick post about caring for dahlias.

According to Swan Lake Dahlias, the leading supplier of dahlia tubers in the United States, dahlias will last longest when they are cut in the morning or the evening when the temperature is cool. After they are cut they are to be immediately placed in water until they can be processed. The stems are then dipped a few inches into water that just cooler than boiling, for 10-30 seconds. This pulls air out of the stem and forces water into the stem hydrating the bloom. The blooms are then to be placed in a cooler for at least 3 hours to complete the hydration process. After they have cooled down they are ready to use in your arrangements.

We harvest and process our dahlias according to Swan Lake’s instructions.

Another fact about dahlias is that the larger the bloom, the shorter the vase life. So the small button and pom dahlias can last a week or more, but the large dinner plate dahlias will probably only last 2-3 days. It takes a lot of stored energy and water to keep a dinner plate size bloom looking good. The dinner plate dahlias are best for events or weddings, but the smaller blooms are great for everyday bouquets.

If you would like to order dahlias it is always a good idea to order them in advance so that we can save them for you. We have a limited supply of each variety so if you want something specific, please let us know beforehand so we can save them for you.


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