What’s Blooming this Week? (8/9/15)

Below you will find our availability this week. If you want something give us a call and we will deliver it.

This is a bouquet we put together today using only flowers from our farm. We chose a “berry tones” color scheme which is really popular right now. We tried our best at Erin Benzakein’s style of bouquet. She has an incredible blog that we follow religiously. The style is kind of modern, but its growing on us. (see what I did there)DSCF4416


The Dahlias have finally arrived. We have a pink variety called “pink pet.”


A little yellow/orange/ peach called Chicumah Sam.

DSCF4433 DSCF4434

A peach frilly type called Lake View Peach-Fuzz. DSCF4436 DSCF4437 DSCF4438

We have Cinnamon Basil. The scent is great and it lasts forever in the vase.



The Hyacinth bean has bloomed! This is a very unique flower that grows on an attractive vine that would be great for wedding work. The flowers only last a few days so they are best used for event and wedding work.DSCF4445 DSCF4446 DSCF4447

We have a few bunches of Fama Blue Scabiosa available this week. Each stem has several blooms, some mature and some in bud stage.  DSCF4448 DSCF4449 DSCF4450

The celosia are still a little small, but we can cut a bunch if you want to try it. It lasts at least a week in the vase, often longer.

DSCF4451 DSCF4452 DSCF4453

The cosmos are blooming like crazy this week. We have a new variety that just started blooming this week call sea shells (pictured below). Each stem has lots of blooms.

DSCF4454 DSCF4455 DSCF4456DSCF4459



Scabiosa Persian Carpet. We only have a few of these little guys, each bloom is a little larger than a quarter.

DSCF4457 DSCF4458

Verbena Bonariensis


Our zinnias are looking great this week. We have many colors available. DSCF4465 DSCF4466 DSCF4467 DSCF4468 DSCF4469 DSCF4470

The amaranthus is getting closer, hopefully it will be ready in a couple of weeks. DSCF4474 DSCF4475


Queen Annes lace

DSCF4476 DSCF4477

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