What’s Blooming This Week 7/28/15

The past few weeks have been overwhelming to say the least. We are remodeling/ moving in to our little house in Nephi which is taking up every spare second we have. Our 17 month old little girl is keeping us on our toes. I am working graveyards. My wife is getting more pregnant by the minute. Our garden has exploded with flowers, and unfortunately many of them have gone to waste because we do not have the time to properly market them. We are working to get more organized so it will be easier for our customers to buy flowers, this blog will hopefully help with that. The following is our current availability and future availability. I am going to attempt to create a new blog post each week to let you know what is currently in season.


Bells of Ireland

I have sooooo much Bells of Ireland.  This is an extremely prolific plant. Each plant produced 10-20 stems, you cannot even walk down the path on either side of the row because it is bursting at the seams with stems. I’m not sure how long they will continue to look good because they only bloom once per season so get em’ while they last!


Queen Annes Lace

The QAL is chugging right along in this heat. It grows really fast, I cut it and a few days later I come back and it has grown back even larger.



These late summer flowers are fairly fragile and dificult to get wholesale so they are a great flower to purchase locally. They last about 3-5 days so they are best for events and weddings. Each stem
has multiple buds/ flowers. I have white, white with light pink streaks, a cranberry red color and a variety called sea shells. These are just starting to bloom so availability is extremely limited for now, but hopefully they will bloom more healily in the coming weeks. The foliage also makes a nice “airy” filler.


Cinnamon Basil

This is a fragrant filler, a few stems of this in a boquet will fill a room with a sweet basil scent. They have small purple flower spikes and shiny green leaves. I have read that they have a great vase life and will sometimes even grow roots in the water. Some say they do best when stored at room temperature rather than in the cooler.

 DSCF4409 DSCF4410


The celosia are coming right along. They love the heat.  I only have celosia plumosa this year in reds, pink and a tan color. Later on in the season I will have flamingo celosia. I tried growing a coxcomb variety but they all died but one… I will try again next year.



The zinnias are starting to bloom, they also love the heat. I have a lot of different colors available but I may not be able to make a 10 stem bunch with all of the same color yet. If you want a mixed color bunch I can harvest 1-2 bunches this week. Zinnias last about 5 days in a vase. I have been told that they do not like the cooler so its best to leave them out at room temperature. I am doing some testing of my own to see if this is true. These should start blooming heavier in the next few weeks and produce until frost.



The snapdragons have bloomed like crazy for the past few weeks. Unfortunately I was so busy with other things that the majority of them went to waste. They are starting to slow down in this heat, but I expect another flush of blooms when it cools down in the fall.  I do have some good stems, but not as many as I had a couple weeks ago.


Verbena Bonariensis

This is a interesting purple filler flower. The stems are really long and the flowers are unusual.  They have stiff square shaped stems and a long vase life.

The following are flowers that are soon to come!



I have Love Lies Bleeding (red), Hot Buiscutts and Copperhead varieties. They should be ready in 2-3 weeks.



Originally I had about 300 sunflowers planted in 4 different batches so I would have plenty all season. However our horses decided that they were too tasty to leave alone and munched the majority of them to the ground. I have about 75 left… Some will be ready in about a week. They are standard Sunbright orange sunflowers.



We cut our very first dahlia this week. There are many more buds forming so we should have a lot of stems available in 1-2 weeks. We are going to try a few techniques next year to get some blooms earlier in the season. It would be ideal to have Cafe au’ Lait Dahlias in June for weddings. We have a lot of different varieties and colors available. You can see them at Local Roots Dahlias.



These little guys are call Persian Carpet Zinnias. I planted about 100 seeds and got 3 plants. Unfortunately I won’t have any for sale this summer, but keep an eye out for them next year! They are tiny little flowers but they are really unique.



I have a few of these Scabiosa Fama Blue flowers. Each plant produces a lot of blooms so I should have a few bunches to sell in the next couple weeks.

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